Umpqua Bank wanted new creative digital banners that would persuade people to open up new accounts throughout the year. Analysis has proven that people are most likely to open new checking accounts during certain life events, such as a getting a new job, buying a new home or relocating, marriage, starting a family, or a graduation. These solutions were created to appeal to various target audiences with A/B testing recommended to refine messaging in order to maximize engagement. 
Here are some examples of various digital banner ad concepts, and how one example would be reformatted to different sizes. Working within the brand's graphic elements and expression marks, we employed movement and animation to draw people's attention and convey the messaging. Retargeting ads were also created for people who had visited the site but didn't fully convert to a transaction. 

Presentations often include summarizing the user path from initial view of a banner ad. We provided A/B testing directions with one utilizing (1) a rational logical approach, and the other (2) appealing to a consumer on a more emotional level. 
Senior Design Lead: Raymond Perez
AD: Greg Needham 
Senior copywriter: Ian Miller
Animation: Joe Walker

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