In November of 2013 a super storm known as Typhoon Haiyan devastated portions of southeast Asia and particularly the Philippines, my homeland. It was the deadliest storm on record claiming at least 6,300 lives. Countless survivors needed immediate relief in the aftermath of that storm. My family lived near the area that was severely affected. I was emboldened to do something. This project was a result of the hardworking efforts of myself and a few good friends to create awareness of the humanitarian efforts desperately needed in the Philippines. The campaign generated growing attention in the weeks following by social media and the press. We gained local and national visibility with the combined efforts of Gawad Kalinga USA, University of Portland, PDX Relief, and APANO.
CD/AD: Raymond Perez
Photography: Brian Lincoln
CoChair: Marilou Carrera
Copywriting: Raymond Perez, Jeanne Favini
Makeup: Raymond Perez, Rachael Andrie
Video: Brian Lincoln
Music: Bob Haddad

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